4 Tell Tale Signs That Your Marriage is Over

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4 Tell Tale Signs That Your Marriage is Over

Not all marriages are successful with a happy ending. Sometimes the person you thought was your best friend, soulmate, and destiny can change in ways you never anticipated could happen. However, getting a divorce is a complicated process, which is why you need the help of a professional expert, such as a divorce lawyer, who knows how things work at the courthouse.

Nonetheless, if you feel unhappy in your current marriage but cannot decide what to do about it, here is our list of 4 tell-tale signs that your marriage is over and that you should seek the assistance of a lawyer and settle for a divorce.

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Silent Prevails

Believe it or not but arguing is a healthy aspect of a marriage. The absence of arguments is a red flag that things are not right between you two. Silence is detrimental to a marriage relationship as it indicates that you two are the least bothered about each other and that something significant is missing in your life.

Undoubtedly, fights are unproductive; however, the ability to resolve issues and problems with the help of healthy arguments is always a good sign that things are going in the right direction. Arguments indicate that you two fight for the relationship; however when there is nothing left to fight and argue for, the relationship is over.

You Want to Have an Argument

Have you ever heard about something known as the “divorce roulette”? This term describes perfectly the act of testing your boundaries to see how far you can go with provoking your partner before the marriage falls apart for sure. If you find yourself pushing your partner around (not literally), it is a tell-tale sign that you subconsciously want this marriage to end, but you don’t want to be the first one making a move. A fine example of this might be leaving your dating site open for your partner to see your online activities.

You Panic Around Them

If this happens to you and is not a sign of love, you are in an abusive relationship. Heart racing is often a strong indicator of anxiety, panic, and overwhelming stress. In other words, it is a negative physical reaction when your body is telling you that something is not right, especially if this happens at the sight of your partner. If you feel like your heart is on fire and your stomach is balling up, your gut feeling is hinting for you to stay away from that person and create a physical and emotional distance.

You Cannot be Yourself

If you feel like you cannot be yourself around your partner, you are in a toxic relationship. If you feel like you must hide, you can’t live a truly healthy life. Life is best lived when you don’t have to use any filters. Also, if your spouse doesn’t encourage you to be you and expects you to be a certain way and live life according to their rules, you need to file for a divorce as soon as possible.

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