4 Warning Signs that You Hire the Wrong Family Lawyer

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There are lots of lawyers offering family law services but not all of them are equally good. Many of these lawyers know how to persuade the clients and get them into business in the first meeting. However, they fail in their commitment after that. If you have this experience, you should quickly change your lawyer. The following are 4 warning signs that you have hired the wrong family lawyer.


  1. Poor Communication

Poor communication is a sign that you have hired the wrong lawyer. Without proper communication, your case can be weakened. You will feel frustrated having to deal with a host of problems that have to do with changing the lawyer halfway through the proceeding of the case. Usually, poor communication is accompanied by rude behaviour and lack of respect of the divorce attorneys in Arlington TX to the clients. It may have occurred to you many times that the lawyer would walk away to talk to another person on the cellphone halfway having a conversation with you. He shows a lack of interest in talking to you and attending to your case.


  1. Lack of Recognition

You feel that there is not enough recognition when you call the office. The staff don’t seem to know you and you have to wait for a long time before they search through your file and find out the details of your case. Even if it is a big firm, it’s no use if it has too many clients and couldn’t give full attention to your case. It could result in you not attaining the desired outcome you hope for if the law firm is cold towards attending you.


  1. Lack of Response to Phone Calls and Emails

You find that it is difficult to call the attorney when you have questions or some issues that you want to discuss. You left messages on the phone but you did not get any response for a long time. It shows that your attorney is too busy and not willing to communicate with you. The inability to get through to the lawyer through phone calls can result in you being uninformed on the case. If your emails are also unanswered, it is a serious sign that the lawyer is busy to attend to your case. In this scenario, you should change to another attorney who can keep you informed of every phase of the case.


  1. Firm Gets Disciplined by the State Bar

It is important to always carry out background checks on the law firm before hiring. When you carry out a background check, you will be able to find out if it gets any complaint from other clients and has received disciplinary actions from the state bar. You can also check the social media to see if there is any criticism on the law firm. These are red flags that you should not trust the law firm in handling your case in the future. A reputable law firm will maintain a positive reputation and have good relationships with the clients.

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