Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles

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Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles

Bicycle accidents are caused due to various factors, which are primarily driver-related. Individuals who ride their bikes on their daily commute and those doing it to exercise often face severe risks while on the road, as many drivers treat them as second-class citizens by putting them in dangerous situations. Common causes of bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles include.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the most common cause of collisions involving bicycle accidents. We usually tend to think about distractions such as talking or texting on the phone, but other distractions may cause the occurrence of an accident.

An act that takes the driver’s eyes, mind, or ears off the road is classified as a distraction. Applying makeup, eating, talking to other passengers in the backseat, and using social media are also classified as distractions, and any driver who does that is considered negligent.

Bicyclist Inattention

Recent developments in technology have become common in most cars. Drivers are equipped with more hands-free and electronic gadgets than ever before. Bicyclists use headphones and hands-free devices while riding. Such tools sometimes distract riders and may cause riders to swerve across intersections and into traffic, causing accidents.

Impaired Driving

People who decide to get high or drink and then drive are a danger to themselves and everyone else on the road. Drug and alcohol impairment reduces the driver’s ability to make informed decisions, and many collisions involving cyclists result from impaired driving. Hiring a bicycle accident attorney when involved in an accident caused in such a case is necessary.

Driver Fatigue

Although the effects of driving under fatigue are yet to be well known compared to driving under the influence, studies indicate that the two have similar severity. Drivers who are out early or late and try to get home after a tiring and long day at work have a high risk of causing severe collisions.

Driver Making An Abrupt Lane Change

Weaving is the act of a driver moving in and out of a lane several times. One abrupt change in the route with a bicyclist nearby is enough to cause a bicycle accident. Drivers who make an abrupt lane change without considering the possibility of a bicyclist could cause an accident. Bicycles are usually small and are more likely to remain in the driver’s blind spot; hence, drivers must be highly cautious before changing lanes.

Turning Without Looking Out For Cyclists

Drivers are advised to take a moment when turning at a red light or stop sign to ensure that no cyclists or pedestrians are crossing through the intersection. Such accidents are usually expected at left turns and right turns with yields. When a cyclist is approaching in either direction, a distracted driver may not see them, especially if they are not paying enough attention to the road.


Speeding limits the amount of time for drivers to make informed decisions and increases the drivers’ stopping time. High-speed accidents are usually detrimental and cause severe and life-threatening injuries. However, even accidents that happen at low speeds, for instance, the case where a driver is speeding across a residential neighborhood, can be dangerous for cyclists.

Failure To Provide Enough Buffer

Drivers who pursue cyclists by going within 3 feet put them in hazardous circumstances. Such drivers are more likely to hit the riders as they provide the cyclists with fewer options to avoid crashes, bike accidents, and other incidents.

Rear-End Collisions

Bikers usually travel in the same direction as the rest of the road traffic. When red light traffic appears, cyclists have little control of events, which places people at high risk of an accident. If the cyclist has no brake lights or rear reflections at night, a driver may fail to judge the situation and rear-end the slowing cyclist.

Individuals who get injured following a bicycle accident involving a vehicle should seek a personal injury attorney. The legal practitioner will ensure that the cyclist is compensated if the driver is at fault.

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