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dian zico

We need to have a critical dialogue in our region about the federal courts’ penchant for routinely granting summary judgments in favor of companies and federal government agencies in instances introduced by citizens of our state for their legal redresses in opposition to wrongdoing.

For clarification, “summary judgment” is a method that corporations and govt businesses make the most of in get to persuade federal judges to throw out peoples’ conditions so that a man or woman doesn’t have an prospect to existing his/her case to a jury.

Federal judges across the country are passing out favorable summary judgment rulings to corporations and government companies as if they were providing candy to a little one.

The federal constitution is the supreme law of the land and the Seventh Amendment explicitly states “In suits at common legislation, the proper of demo by jury shall be preserved, and no point tried out by a jury, shall be usually reexamined in any Court docket of the United States, than in accordance to the procedures of common regulation.”

Somewhere together the way lawyers and judges decided to put roadblocks in position to avoid people from receiving their instances to a jury by means of the use of a summary judgment movement notwithstanding that the “right” to a jury demo “shall be preserved” by virtue of the Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution.

In my impression, the use of a summary judgment motion is an impermissible and unconstitutional intrusion towards citizens’ rights to a jury demo as summary judgments interfere with the citizens’ basic ideal to look for redress less than the Seventh Modification. If the Seventh Amendment is to have any meaning, then corrective steps will need to be taken to treatment this governmental injustice in get that the peoples’ legal rights to a trial by jury under the Seventh Amendment are preserved and not abused as is currently occurring with the unconstitutional course of action of summary judgments. Federal judges really should no more time disregard the peoples’ legal rights to a jury demo less than the Seventh Amendment in order to protect companies and authorities organizations who are abusing peoples’ legal rights, the Constitution forbids it!

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