Most Popular Crimes During the Holiday Months

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Most Popular Crimes During the Holiday Months

The holiday season is a time for generosity and for showing others how much you care. This often manifests itself in people being busy and stressed as they attempt to go all out to stage a fabulous holiday celebration. For many families, holiday gatherings lead to family conflicts. All of this means that certain crimes are more prevalent during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays than they are at other times of the year. If you get accused of a crime during the holidays, contact the Fort Worth criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker.

Holiday Shopping-Related Theft

Black Friday starts earlier every year, sometimes as soon as the plates are cleared from Thanksgiving dinners that begin at noon, and the shopping extravaganza tends to go on until the elves have packed the last toys onto the sleigh and Santa and his reindeer have departed from the North Pole. More shopping means more shopping-related crimes. Retail theft, also known as shoplifting, increases in late November and December, and so does the theft of newly purchased items from cars. Vehicle theft also increases in prevalence during this season.

Domestic Violence

Family conflict is an essential element of the holidays for many families, and unfortunately, that often turns into domestic violence. Ex-spouses who struggle to co-parent throughout the year often find their conflicts escalating during the holidays, especially as the introduction of a former spouse’s new partner into the children’s lives reopens old wounds. The fact that alcohol flows freely during the holidays does not help matters, either.

Drunk Driving

Between the Thanksgiving feast and the Christmas feast are an endless series of neighborhood Christmas village viewings, school holiday parties, and exchanges of holiday baked goods with friends. Of course, not only do people eat more and travel more during the holidays than at other times of the year, but they also consume more alcohol, and not just on New Year’s Eve. Drunk driving arrests are higher during the holidays, as are other DUI-related crimes such as hit and runs.

Financial Crimes

Financial crime such as credit card fraud and identity theft also increase during the holiday season. Lonely seniors are more willing to give out financial information or generous gifts to kind strangers who contact them by phone or email. Data breaches at point-of-sale devices, which are extraordinarily busy during the holidays, can also lead to widespread identity theft.  With so much money changing hands during the holidays, it is easy for victims not to realize that they have been scammed until it is too late.

Of course, if you get accused of these crimes or any others, during the holiday season or at any time of year, your constitutional rights as a defendant still apply. You have the right to representation by a lawyer, who may be able to help you get the charges dropped, enter a pretrial diversion program, get a plea deal, or be acquitted of the charges.

Contact the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker About Fighting Your Criminal Charges

A criminal defense lawyer can help you stand up for your rights if you get accused of a crime. Contact the Law Office of Kyle Whitaker in Fort Worth, Texas, to discuss your case.

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