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Republican, are you actually the “law and order” party? Just due to the fact you advocate for guns and abide by a president who touts he’s the “law and order” president does not actually signify you are.

In the age of a worldwide pandemic your petulant hypocrisy has been revealed. It is hypocrisy that is a terrible example to your kids and will in the long run depart you on the incorrect aspect of historical past. Your president scoffs at the law each day and lies continually.

No to point out your regressive beliefs and devotion to a constitution penned with a feather by adult men you revere as gods and infallible, who would overtly be ashamed of our society and incapability to adapt it for the periods and improved culture as complete. We are on path to perfect union, yet you insist it was at the time fantastic and try to drag culture backward. It hardly ever was and your romanticized illusion of culture again then is fake. Your regressive beliefs that insist we are a Christian modern society — when we clearly still left Europe to escape religious persecution — is absurd. The only way to progress is to “progress.” It is the most standard, essential element of human beings. You are a youngster of the environment, not a state, initial.

It is shameful the Republican Celebration has picked to make a stand on individual freedoms all-around a mask that can preserve life. Never ever brain your petty complaints getting uncomfortable.

Let us set the file straight.

Certainly, we must shield our personal freedoms but we need to settle for we reside in linked modern society the place our actions influence others. Let us also accept our individual freedoms have constantly been infringed upon by govt they are named “laws” — things like seatbelts, obeying site visitors guidelines, taxes and not walking close to punching people today. They are put in position mainly because they make perception. Organizations also have their rights with legislation like “no shirt, no sneakers, no company,” correct?

Does the GOP opt for any of those people as their war cry versus freedoms? No, it’s here in 2020 the place the GOP has been exposed as cowardly with wrong patriotic “law and order” people today defying a mask “mandate, law, guideline” put in position to help save lives — it’s possible even their individual.

They faux it’s some complicated point to do when it’s as effortless as placing on sock(s). They tout bogus stats or decrease like Trump, standing happy by a flag they feel will make them people and absolutely free. In truth they are sheep and heartless, caring about themselves and their satisfaction in excess of their neighbor.

Let us say it will save 10 life? Is it not value?

GOP, science will normally beat your religion. When 99% of experts say you are erroneous and almost as quite a few say masks help save life, talk to your self: Will you be on the appropriate side of history? I think not.

Seem at your liked ones and question what if it was them who died from this pandemic? Perhaps it will sink in that putting on mask is not also a lot to ask, specifically if it’s just delight holding you back again.

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