The Loneliness of the Immigration Lawyer

dian zico

Susan Church, an immigration attorney in Boston, ended the first week of the Trump administration arm in arm with protesters at Logan Airport, resisting an executive order banning travel from several predominantly Muslim countries. But what happened the next day, away from the public chants of “Let them stay!” was […]

Maryland Lawyer General

dian zico

We provide vacuum forming companies for numerous thermoform supplies similar to ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic and PVC/ABS mix. Materials are shaped to customers’ specific size and shape requirements. Be shaped by the Holy Spirit as you assist form our future by participating with some of right now’s brightest minds in ministry […]

Privilege and the In-Home Lawyer: Best Techniques

In-residence lawyers know that an electronic mail is not immediately cloaked in privilege just for the reason that a attorney is copied on the conversation. But when precisely are communications and info privileged, and when are they not? Are there challenges for inadvertent waivers that an in-dwelling law firm might […]