Five Causes of Divorce

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Do you know there are 2.9 divorce cases per 1000 couples according to the CDC in the US? Since many couples divorce, it’s hard to know where to look for help when faced with one. Additionally, few people have any experience with how the divorce process works. The law office of William D. Pruett, Divorce Attorney Fort Worth, has handles family law cases focusing on divorce; hence, no need to look further for a divorce attorney in Fort Worth, TX.

Before a couple seeks marriage dissolutions, several risk factors must come into play. According to researchers, scientists, and legal professionals, there are abnormal behavioral changes that affect marriages. A study from BBC UK shows that many divorce cases are a result of behavioral changes.

If you were experiencing any of these changes in your marriage and reached a point beyond reconciliation, it’s recommended to visit the divorce attorney Fort Worth for legal procedures.

  1. Lack of commitment

The common reason for divorce is a partner cheating or showing no commitment. With a partner having no forgiveness, compromise, and most importantly, no effort, the marriage is likely to end.

According to The New York Times, high divorce rates are typical in marriages with either partner having no commitment or cheating. Lack of commitment and/or infidelity contributes roughly to 65% to 80% of all divorces.

  1. Divorced Parents

if one partner had divorced parents, it is more likely the marriage will lead to a divorce. However, it is not bound to happen because of the divorced parents, but it depends on their parents’ relationship.

According to a researcher, Paul Amato, if the lady’s parents divorced, then the odds of her leaving the marriage is 70%, and if both parents of the wife and husband divorced, then there are high chances of 191% to divorce.

  1. Early marriage or late marriage

Young couples who marry early in their late teens and early twenties tend to divorce early in their marriage. Likewise, those who marry late, usually after 35 years, also tend to divorce early.

  1. High budget wedding

Money matters play a crucial role in marriages. About 20% of divorces are a result of money issues. A 2017 study conducted by Emory University indicated a direct correlation between couples’ divorce rate and the money they spent on their wedding.

Couples with higher spending of more than $20,000 are 4.5 times likely to get divorced. On the contrary, couples with less spending on their wedding are least to divorce.

  1. Living together before marriage

This is a surprise, as you will think the comfort and familiarity of living together would eliminate all the hurdles leading to divorce after marriage. Although, studies from several couples who lived together before marriage ended up showing high divorce rates.

Many factors are tied to this risk factor, such as the spiritual belief of one partner. Psychologists suspect that the less religious couples tend to live together before marriage, unlike religious couples who move in together after marriage. Less religious background increases the chance of divorce when finally married.

Where to get assistance

If your marriage has some of the mentioned risks and has reached a point of no return, contact Divorce Attorney Fort Worth to get helpful ways for evaluating the current situations and get the right step for moving forward.

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